Batam hosts Wonderful Batam Fiesta Coffee & Archipelago Cuisines

Senin , 18 Desember 2017 13:20 | Berita Utama | Dibaca 2350 kali

A total of 1,000 local tourists and 200 international tourists attended Wonderful Batam Fiesta Coffee & Archipelago Cuisines event held at Kepri Mall, Batam on Nov. 10 – 12.

The event was initiated by Indonesian Non-Star Hotel Association and presented the best Indonesian coffee varieties such as kopi Gayo, kopi Medan, kopi Toraja and kopi Papua.

The event featured coffee exhibition, barista competition, manual brewing competition, community gathering and traditional food festival.

Throughout the event, visitors could try on the coffee they were interested in for a special price. Coffee is the second most popular drink in the world after water. It has become a lifestyle for most people.

Apart from the ones mentioned before, Indonesia still has many other varieties like Mandailing, Lampung and Luwak.

“In Japan, kopi Toraja is considered as a luxury item. Around 40 percent of coffee that are available in Japan are kopi Toraja. The average drinkers are upper-class citizens,” said Tourism Ministry’s archipelago tourism marketing development deputy, Esthy Reko Astuti. (asw)